Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Ewoking Dead

Here is a quick painting I did for Austin Madison's Chades Challenge LXIX: The Ewoking Dead. Being a huge Star Wars fan I couldn't resist the idea of combining zombies with ewoks! What an awesome and hilarious concept! The two subject matters contrast each other so well. To say I had fun painting this piece is an understatement. I hope you all enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Final Painting

Rough Sketch


  1. hehe he looks squishy and sacrey at the same time!!

  2. @ The Question Mark: Thanks for the comment buddy! Knowing what a huge Star Wars fan you are...that means a lot!

    @ Amanda: Thanks Amanda! Ewoks would be cute zombies wouldn't they lol

  3. Ha man, this is awesome! I think I like the rough version, just as much as the final, the limited pallet makes it even more eerie ;)! Awesome blog you have here!

  4. Thanks for the nice words James! I'm glad you liked it:)